Monday, April 9, 2012

A Forward to this Blog

What's up, everyone? For me, it's nothing much, just cookin'.

An unmeasureable number of people around the world have problems of many kinds. Some have financial problems, some have health problems, heck, some even have habitat problems. Those are the problems that have to be fixed in the world. This blog won't speak of those problems though.

Instead, this blog will scrawl something of less, yet somehow equal importance: that is, it will croon of personal problems I have with the arts & artists, and give input ranging from reasonable to frothing angry.

I will neither repeatedly put the words "It's my opinion" or make responses to responses to my posts. For the former, I've learned from teachers that saying those words actually weakens the opinion in question. More importantly, when reading or writing an opinion piece, it's implied that the phrase "In my opinion" is before any claims that have no numerical or ironclad data to back it up. As for the latter thing I won't do, it draws conflict out, and save a certain topic I will speak of at a later date, I generally like to avoid conflict. So yeah.

I hope to make at least one post every two weeks. It takes a long time to research the data I need to prove numerical things, after all, especially the certain topic. Oh, and should the reader care, feel free to spread my words across the web.

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